Seo Ha Joon set to go ahead with fanmeet despite masturbation vid scandal

Actor Seo Ha Joon, who is currently involved in a scandal involving a masturbation video that is allegedly of him, will push forward with a fanmeeting set for December 17.

Robin K ENT, his agency, has said that they are taking requests from Japan, China, and Southeast Asia, in addition to Korea. The fanmeeting will be free, and his agency says he’s been preparing to give back the love he has gotten from fans.

Of course … some fans would say he’s already done that for them.

Seriously though, it’s kinda odd how him or the agency haven’t said anything after they claimed they were gonna go check on the validity of the scandal, but assuming it’s him (and it certainly seems that way), this is probably the best way to handle it. Netizens want him to go into hiding or something, but what for? Dude has a video of him jerking off circulating, but it doesn’t hurt anybody, so meh.


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