Indie Focus: Fromm shows versatility to go with consistent vocal excellence on ‘Reve’

It feels like with each release Fromm is continually exploring new ground. She lives in varying degrees of indie pop and folk, but on ‘Reve‘, she goes even further to present something that actually feels slightly alt-country. It continues to utilize her indie roots, but she’s really presenting a different side of her music. As she improves with each release, it’s curious to know where she might end up with her music.

Our Night” is a slow song. It has a country-folk instrumental with her vocals sliding over each beat with ease, and the strength in her vocals is what attracts in the song. Even though she’s not pushing for volume, it’s the laid back and mellow tone that makes the song great. By taking its time, “Our Night” feels like a song to hear when taking a walk at night. “Beautiful World” is a bit more of a ballad, complete with strings to accent the melancholy theme. I think this is one of the songs that highlights just how versatile Fromm’s voice can be and a step away from what’s expected from her music.

This continues on “봄은 겨울이 꾸는 꿈”, which sounds like the second part to a story she’s telling through song. It’s strange because as much as I enjoy Fromm’s voice on her indie pop tracks, I prefer hearing her vocals like this a lot more now. Closing ‘Reve’ with “Fin” is actually the best order I’ve seen for an EP. It doesn’t change styles and goes into indie pop ballad territory, but doesn’t feel like it should be the last song. I think that makes the EP more interesting because the four songs all present something different without having a definite start or finish.

I like listening to Fromm a lot, as her voice is one that I’ll listen to and pretty much anything she puts out and this change shows more versatility. Since her start in 2012, she’s evolved and become an amazing musician, and I hope this continues for many more years.



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