Indie Focus: Skasucks provide upbeat, accessible fun on ‘New Generation Of Ska’

When you think of South Korean music, you’ll go through the common genres like rock, pop, and indie. Punk rock and its many subgenres also lives across the country, but it’s one of the most difficult to find. There are few clubs that consistently have shows, but there’s a lot of bands that are amazing. Skasucks is one of those bands. As a two-tone ska band, Skasucks are performing a genre that has few bands, but all of them are doing amazing things. ‘New Generation Of Ska‘ may be an older release, but the band has made an album that will be considered a classic for the ska genre.

I’ll be honest that I don’t know the different types of ska. What I enjoy about ‘New Generation Of Ska’ is mainly the upbeat rhythms. That’s consistent within the genre and Skasucks are able to pull it off without a problem. ‘New Generation Of Ska’ has seven songs with an additional hidden track. There are a lot of standout tracks like “Skaholic”, which might be one of the most recognizable singles. It’s definitely a dance-friendly track supported by each member.

The strength of ‘New Generation Of Ska’ is that it presents a perspective of ska music without giving any sense of where it’s from. The band captures the style and presents it with their own twist. The power of the music can break through any borders without a problem. Also the fact that the vocals are in English means that it’s not difficult to understand the lyrics. But the experience of the music is where Skasucks succeed.

Punk rock is alive and surviving in South Korea. There are a lot of solid bands for punk, but only a few within ska stick out. If you’re a ska fan, Skasucks are one of the best bands around.

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