Baekhyun went on ‘Knowing Bros’ to reveal that Sehun has a big ol’ dong

During EXO‘s appearing on ‘Knowing Bros‘, Baekhyun revealed that Sehun was the member who had the best body, mainly because he has a big ol’ dick, apparently.

After the singer revealed how he showered with each member one by one in order to get closer to them, the curious cast questioned who he thought had the best body that any man would be jealous of. Without any hesitation, Baekhyun replied that it was clearly Sehun. Although the cast asked if it was because he had wide shoulders, Baekhyun threw everyone for a loop when he instead said, “You know, there’s that saying about how men need to have big noses [to have]…,” and implied it was actually because of a certain attribute of Sehun’s. Absolutely flabbergasted, both the cast and EXO members alike burst out into laughter. In the midst of all that, Sehun amusingly shouted, “Broadcast this! Air this!”

I’m sure if there’s evidence of this like there was for Monsta X‘s Wonho it’ll be posted in the comments.

Guessing the Asian Junkie comment section approves of this new trend in K-pop.



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