Sulli tried to eat her cat alive or something and netizens are fuming

An article was written about Sulli‘s recent Instagram Live, in which she played with her cat, though it was framed with screencaps that made it seem like Sulli was trying to eat her cat alive and her poor pet was suffering from animal abuse. The reaction from Korean netizens was predictable as always.

1. [+305, -13] Ah… look at the cat’s facial expression. She won’t wake up until she gets punished for animal abuse. She’s so out of it.
2. [+273, -32] Isn’t this enough proof for animal abuse?
3. [+159, -7] She’s sick in the head… psycho, sociopath, psychopath… She gives me goosebumps.
4. [+41, -3] Such a psycho b*tch
5. [+39, -4] Oh come on, you have to admit this isn’t sane.. look at the cat’s facial expression and Sulli bursting out laughing in the back… goosebumps

Their reactions and the story prompted international netizens to similarly dig in with their typical shit, like the top-voted comments there.

Let’s ignore for the moment that this would apparently make me a “woke feminist”, just so that we can see the comedy in how they’re acting like they’re in the minority here (while unironically calling others contrarians), being brave to speak out against Sulli, when the reality is every Sulli article has a top-voted comment basically like this with a subsequent comment thread like this as well. Brave souls.

Look, I would love to stop writing about Sulli if people would stop being hilariously wrong or overdramatic dipshits about anything she does. Will that stop, though? Probably not.

Anyway, as usual, context was provided later on with video.

To the surprise of nobody, Sulli is basically just playing around with her cat and the screencap is not of the cat yelling out in pain from some type of attempt to make it cuisine but from yawning. After that was pointed out, it was too late for international netizens to go back on their grand claims of her being a psycho animal abuser and anybody who said otherwise being nuts for trying to say it wasn’t a big deal, so they predictably dug in with more and more specious arguments about pet ownership. Truly amazing.

Remember, never put your mouth on your pet or it’s weird and abusive, you guys. Never roughhouse with your pets either, cause god knows no pet owner ever does that with their pet … nor do animals do that themselves with other animals nor do animals do that to their own offspring naturally. Nope, all abuse.

But hey, on the upside, I guess we now get to see comments about how Kang Daniel from ‘Produce 101‘ (and a bunch of other idols who playfully do stuff like this) is no longer such a cutie pie for biting his cat but is an animal abusing psychopath.

That should be fun, right?


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