Music Video Lessons: N.Flying’s “The Real” has Jang Moonbok, becomes the best

N.Flying already gained my interest by revolving their teaser videos for their “The Real” comeback around adding Yoo Hoe Seung from ‘Produce 101‘ and making it meta as hell. But now that the actual music video has been released, I see it has taught everybody a valuable lesson: that adding Jang Moonbok to anything makes it the best.

N.Flying are on a fishing boat, not trying to catch fish, but some kind of mermaid instead.

After many failed attempts and also bizarrely performing as a band in the hull of their ship, they are starting to lose it.

After days of being adrift at sea, with all hope lost and the members accepting their slow, agonizing deaths from dehydration, a blip of hope is found.

The mermaid has come to them!

One problem: they have no bait left. And so, they just make the newbie Yoo Hoe Seung be the bait.

Don’t tell me this isn’t a ‘Terminator 2‘ reference either.

All their hard labor pays off as the beautiful mermaid is revealed to be…

…the beautiful Jang Moonbok!

What a prize, indeed.


Folks, N.Flying’s “The Real” music video has one of the better plots, is undeniably entertaining, and is a delightfully amusing comeback as a whole. It’s also the only group music video that has included Jang Moonbok.

Coincidence? I think not.

Lesson: Put Jang Moonbok in everything, because he makes everything better.


Also, uh, I feel it needs to be pointed out that this dude totally got his jaw accidentally rocked by that wheel and the editors just left that shit in there.


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