‘Crime Scene 3’ Episode 9: A makjang as fuck plot in the season’s most entertaining episode

Yeah yeah, it’s been over a month since I was able to watch one of my favorite shows, but work picked up and shit. Regardless, I’m glad to finally settle back in to watch the conclusion of the season as ‘Crime Scene 3‘ has definitely picked up momentum as it has gone along.

As always, you can watch it subbed here.


This time, we’re looking at a mansion murder that honestly had one of the most elaborate murder plots itself. The victim was killed by electrocution via a radio with exposed wires pushed into a salt bath water from outside with an RC car.

Also, the victim was like a serial killer that became a famous novelist by writing about the crimes he committed. Makes sense, though, since the whole episode was a glorious mess.

It came complete with Eunji and Park Jiyoon strangling each other.

Most importantly, Jang Dong Min was definitely a welcome addition, doing hilarious shit like this…

…or this.

It all fit with the theme of mess.

Amazingly though, the crime was decently straight forward, I thought.

Eunji – Revealed that she was not a blood relative and her inheritance was taken away, but there wasn’t much evidence against her.

Jang Dong Min – Aside from it turning out that he was dating his niece, his dad was going to kill him in order to take his heart. That, along with his RC car hobby, would’ve been a red flag on being a suspect … if he knew beforehand.

Yang Se Hyung – Thought he actually had an excellent motive, as he found out right before the murder that he was framed by the victim and was wrongfully imprisoned. However, the evidence simply didn’t support it, which was a shame.

Park Jiyoon – Given that she prepared the bath every night, she had the most access. Revealed to be Eunji’s actual mother, to have killed Eunji’s parents via cutting their brake lines, and to have switched babies at hospital to help Eunji live a good life. With that level of determination, the fact that Eunji was being outed as not being related, and that her marriage proposal was rejected, she had lots of motive. Again though, it was hard to piece together the actual evidence against her.

Hong Jin Ho – Okay, he found out that the victim killed his childhood friend, so the motivation was blatant. However, the thing that could’ve given anybody pause is that he didn’t need to kill the victim immediately, as no matter when he does it, the revenge is fulfilled. So I thought it was logical to wonder why he even needed to take this risk. The problem is that with the lack of evidence elsewhere, the finger still pointed at him.

I was actually surprised it was such a blowout, as I thought at least two others had a ton of motivation. While this was definitely one of the most entertaining episodes of the season, with a bit of writing tweaks, this could’ve been a true three-way suspect race and would’ve been an appropriate way to cap off the makjang as fuck plot.


I swear I have more time to watch now so it won’t take a damn month.


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