Jessica celebrates her 10th anniversary with inoffensive, light “Summer Storm”

Jessica is celebrating her 10th anniversary since debut, and she’s come back with “Summer Storm“, which doesn’t deviate too far from what Jessica has done musically thus far.

Jessica’s music is generally not to my tastes, mainly because she generally makes perfectly inoffensive, light, and bland music, which continues with “Summer Storm”. Of course, if Korea didn’t hate her, that’s exactly the right plan for that market since this is the type of stuff they usually eat up.

For those of us who don’t live in a teen movie montage or don’t want to ever pretend to, “Summer Storm” has moments of promise, but it lacks any type of dynamic element that would draw interest. Furthermore, since she seems to stay in a comfortable vocal range throughout (she sounds good and unprocessed, don’t get me wrong), it also lacks the theatrics necessary to garner attention that way. Mainly it kind of just drags for me and is there being background music. It’s fine, I guess, and she’s very pretty, but that was the extent of my reaction after it finished.

When Jessica made her solo debut, I thought that it provided a solid foundation to build off of, but she’s yet to do that. Given that Korea doesn’t seem to like her regardless of what she does, I’d love to see her experiment a bit more with her sound going forward instead of stagnating, especially since she has a fanbase that would support her no matter what. We’ll see where she goes from here, but right now everything just sort of … exists.



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