Weki Meki’s “I Don’t Like Your Girlfriend” debut is less messy fun & more just mess mess

Weki Meki have debuted with a lyric from Avril Lavigne‘s “Girlfriend” in “I Don’t Like Your Girlfriend“, which is sort of like SNSD‘s “I Got A Boy” but on steroids and somehow worse.

Weki Meki is a bad name in English, but ‘meki’ is basically ‘cunt’ in Indonesian, so the debut was already off to a rocky start before anything actually happened.

Luckily, they had aces up their sleeves in Doyeon and Yoojung from ‘Produce 101‘ fame, which seemed to stack the deck in their favor. Well, after getting “I Don’t Like Your Girlfriend” as their debut, they’re probably gonna need it.

Honestly, I just don’t get what they were going for here. There’s so many balls up in the air that it’s just confusing. Sometimes I think everybody overreacts to their initial impressions of songs that are purposefully disjointed (me, included), but after listening to “I Don’t Like Your Girlfriend” over and over it’s still hard to get a grasp of what the idea was here. It goes from something off-beat to something upbeat to something mid-tempo, and the performance goes from sing-rapping to belting to sweg sweg sweg while the instrumental similarly follows suit by switching between genres. But while none of it is cohesive, that’s not a problem for me in itself. Rather, the crime here is that none of the individual sections are appealing either, so there’s nothing to latch onto or grow with to eventually make “I Don’t Like Your Girlfriend” salvageable.

That said, I guess at least this debut definitely stands out, because from the song to the music video, it’s just complete sensory overload that you definitely pay attention to at least once.

The problem mainly being that it turns you off from paying attention ever again shortly after.

One thing I’ll give Weki Meki credit for is the risk and the attempt, because they went outside of the box here and deserve credit for that. However, you’ll notice the comparison group is SNSD … a legendary group in the industry over six years after their debut, where they could afford (or needed) to take risks, and I’m not sure if a debuting group in a saturated market was the place for this. Especially so since the execution of it was so sloppy compared to “I Got A Boy”, no matter what you thought of that. But hey, people love ‘Produce 101’, and luckily for Weki Meki and “I Don’t Like Your Girlfriend”, song quality rarely reflects accurately in the charts.



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