Dreamcatcher perform at JUMF 2017, teach “Fly High” fanchants, go on ‘Pops In Seoul’

Dreamcatcher recently performed at the 2017 Jeonju Ultimate Music Festival (JUMF 2017) with a live band, which was notable in that they were supposedly the first idol girl group to do so.


On the way over, they were about as pumped as could be expected to be in their rock element.


As far as fancams of the performances, I’m actually quite salty about how limited the ones were for the whole group. It was basically them doing “Chase Me“…


…and also their cover of SNSD‘s “Into The New World“.


The rest of the stuff was individual, but at least the quality was there. Like here’s the Yoohyeon focus of “Good Night“…

…and “Fly High“…

…and their cover of Maroon 5‘s “Lucky Strike.

In addition to Yoohyeon, there were ones for JiU on some of these performances as well, like for their cover of Seo Taiji & Boys‘ “Regret Of The Times

…and Pharrell Williams‘ “Happy“.

After it was all over, they actually did a fansigning…

…and jumped on V Live for a bit.

Good stuff, and hopefully they appealed to at least a few new fans targeting that demo.


Speaking of fans, if you needed to know how to do the “Fly High” fanchants, they have a tutorial.

They also appeared on ‘Pops In Seoul‘, explaining the plot of the music video and showing their choreography’s key points.

Gahyeon with the siqqq burn out of fucking nowhere on Yoohyeon.

Siyeon is me when I lose at … well, anything.




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