T-ara leading 3 dumb polls at Billboard & Soribada has Harry Styles, EXO, BTS stans mad

T-ara are currently winning three dumb online polls that revolve around fan voting, because T-ara always somehow seems to win these polls with their glorious, bitter fanbase that has been hardened by years of dealing with absolute shitheads far and wide due to snake twins being … snakes.

Anyway, this time it’s the 2017 edition of Billboard‘s ‘Fan Army Face-Off and also two polls for the ‘SORIBADA BEST K-MUSIC AWARDS‘ with the ‘SOBA 10 Award‘ and the ‘New Hallyu Popularity Award. You’ll remember Billboard’s Fan Army Face-Off from 2015 when T-ara won and made One Direction‘s fandom literally cry.


Well this time around, T-ara are dominating the Billboard shit as expected, currently dunking over Harry Styles.

However, on Soribada, it was initially a war between BTS and EXO stans … at least before T-ara got involved.



Do I care whether they eventually pull this off or not? Nah, but like with making the Directioners literally cry, it can have amusing results.


Save the best for last!


Speaking of, since now T-ara is dominating these polls and I continue my stance that these things are ultimately dumb and for click bait, gonna guess the primary difference in the reaction is that I won’t get a bunch of mad stans caping for these dumb awards. Gee, wonder what has actually changed in the equation there?


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