AOA member rumored to be sent to ‘The Unit’, a survival show for flop idols

In news that I sort of hope isn’t true, one of the members of AOA is rumored to appear on the upcoming survival show for flop idols (basically), called ‘The Unit‘. Honestly, while this wouldn’t be that far fetched since shows will stretch their concept if it means ratings, it would be difficult to apply any member of AOA to the point of the show.

‘The Unit’ is a show bringing on board idols who failed to receive the spotlight after debuting. They’ll be given the chance to compete for a spot in a brand new unit with new members, new concepts, and content created by top producers.

Some members of AOA are far less popular than others, I understand that, but to say they didn’t receive the spotlight is a tad much.

Anyway, until this is confirmed it’s probably not worth getting worked up over yet, but I’m writing about it cause I have a feeling that with Choa leaving AOA, FNC Entertainment might be desperate to get like Yuna more spotlight or something.


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