Weki Meki’s message to SNSD exemplifies the lack of respect idols have nowadays

Following Hyoyeon of SNSD posting on Instagram that only EXO (coincidentally from SM Entertainment) came to greet them, a firestorm of a conversation followed between K-pop fans. Though if we’re being honest, for most of us observers it was primarily international stans/antis who definitely don’t give a single fuck about hierarchy shit like this but pretend to now so that they can hype/hate on a group.

It just felt like people were making it a significantly bigger deal than it actually was … or at least I did think that. You see, after Hyoyeon aired shit out, groups did come to greet them. One of those groups was rookies Weki Meki, and their message to SNSD on their album made me wake up and realize that these newer generation groups truly are disrespectful brats to the older generation groups.

Incredibly fucked up for Weki Meki to treat legends that way!

I’ve changed my mind on this and now believe K-pop should institute a policy that junior groups must operate as the slaves of senior groups effectively immediately.

Harsh, but drastic times call for drastic measures.


Credit to anybody who caught me tweeting that out before I got to delete it.


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