Group of Kang Daniel fans are preparing lawsuit over center position in WANNA ONE

Kang Daniel won first place on ‘Broduce 101‘, getting him to the center position, and his fans are so far unimpressed by what him getting that center position has entailed. You see, WANNA ONE appear to be distributing parts and screentime equally … and that has Daniel’s fans pissed.

How pissed? Pissed enough to file a lawsuit.

On the August 17 some fans put together an online group to sue. A day later they announced that they are preparing a lawsuit against CJ E&M and YMC Entertainment. They say that they requested feedback regarding the issue of center position but nothing came back from the companies after the ‘M Countdown‘ debut stage on August 10. They also say that they felt the seriousness of this issue warranted the collaboration of the Kang Daniel Daum fancafe and the Naver fancafe. They are requesting the addition of new impactful choreography for Daniel’s part and the switching of stage position, keeping in mind the need to preserve Wanna One’s performance. Within a day of collecting signatures online they were able to achieve their goal of 1000 members, and as of August 18 around 2000 fans participated in the signature collection. The lawsuit cafe says that the fans have hired a lawyer and will be focusing on the fact that the entire nation’s votes were rendered meaningless. They are in talks with the lawyer in order to put together a detailed and strong case. From August 18 onwards they will be recruiting participants in order to restore Kang Daniel’s rights by suing for the texting fees for the voting process as well as additional damages.

Quality fandom mess.

Other Kang Daniel fans, perhaps the ones who are saner, are disavowing this movement.

Other fans, when this became news, claimed that it was not a sure thing whether the lawsuit cafe is truly fans of Kang Daniel, citing the fact that the cafe was made a day ago and that there was no proof that all the members are actual fans, therefore that this group is not a representation of the entire fandom.

Shit, I would be saying that too if my fandom embarrassed me. Peak fandom defense mode.

Regardless, the fans of the lawsuit cafe maintain their position, saying, “There was a vote and the first place winner member was told that the benefit of being the group’s center would be rewarded. Despite this Daniel did not stand in the center. CJ is skirting responsibility now that the program is over.

God I really really really hope they see this through. I want to see the arguments go to court.


Thanks to CaratClara for the translation help.


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