WANNA ONE denied photo line at ‘Music Bank’ after stans piss off security, adds to list of mess

WANNA ONE stans are hellbent on making a lasting impression on the K-pop landscape, primarily by doing insane shit — like police being called due to the crowds at ‘Weekly Idol’ or because of internal fandom fighting at Saturday Night Live Korea, stealing magazines from cafes, hurting member Park Jihoon, being a mess at their ‘Happy Together 3‘ filming, threatening to file a lawsuit over Kang Daniel‘s center position, making their the group’s neighbors beg them to go home, and making YMC Entertainment issue a statement begging fans to not harass and stalk them.

The latest incident happened as ‘Music Bank‘, where security made them take an alternate entrance do to the fans jumping barriers and shit trying to get at them.

According to a representative who was there, everything was relatively safe and calm before Wanna One arrived. The KBS staff set up fences for safety reasons, as well as a designated area for the group to stand and get their photos taken. Fans and reporters were said to have been waiting patiently for Wanna One to arrive. However, things became chaotic when Wanna One’s van arrived on the scene. A few overzealous fans jumped over the barricades that had been set up to get closer to the idols.

A YMC Entertainment representative explained, “The members of Wanna One were scheduled to stand in the designated area, and take photos and greet the many fans and reporters who were waiting for them, but they unfortunately had to turn around due to a few overzealous fans.”

Security was not having that shit.

I definitely trust these people to be rational and honest when other issues regarding this group pop up.


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