MAMAMOO’s Wheein apologized for a quality drunk rant in V Live chat

When MAMAMOO‘s Wheein initially apologized for her behavior on V Live chat, it was reported like it was just about her saying stuff like “mother pumpkin” and talking about drinking.

On August 26, Wheein held a live broadcast through V Live+, a paid version of V Live for fans. Some viewers were troubled by her consumption of alcohol and use of inappropriate language during the broadcast. She used the phrase “mother pumpkin,” which appears to be a play on the swear word “motherfxxking.”

Thus, that made the netizen reaction and subsequent apology seem unnecessarily dramatic.

“Hello, this is Wheein. I’m sorry that I’m writing a post so late at night. During the weekend, I was curious about what our fans were doing and wanted to communicate. I thoughtlessly started a V Live+ chat and live broadcast, and I unintentionally made a mistake in my word choice. First of all, I would like to apologize. I am at fault for not understanding the meaning of the word properly. And although I am legally able to drink, teenagers are able to watch the broadcast as well, but I thought too easily of drinking alcohol because our ‘Drinking and Singing MAMAMOO’ broadcast in the past showed scenes of us drinking. Though it’s late at night, I am writing this post to apologize to our fans who were disappointed by my careless actions. I will work hard to think more carefully and be more cautious in the future. I sincerely apologize.”

Then, uh, Dispatch provided the entire logs, and while the content is amusing and cringe rather than offensive, I can certainly see why an idol would be made to apologize for it.

In a way, it’s amazing and it gets funnier the more I read through it all.

“If I ever start talking nicely one day, just know that I got in trouble.”



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