Park Shi Hoo apologized for, you know, that whole rape case thingy

At a press conference for the upcoming drama ‘My Golden Life‘, Park Shi Hoo apologized for the controversy surrounding him allegedly raping a woman.

At the press conference, Park Shi Hoo said, “I am more nervous today than I have been at other press conferences. It’s been a year since my last project, ‘Neighborhood Hero’ and has been six years since [my last] KBS drama ‘Princess’ Man.’ It’s an honor to be part of a great project through KBS and, although a lot of time has passed, I would like to sincerely apologize for any anxiety and inconveniences I personally caused.” He continued, “I will work hard on the drama as to not become an imposition to our director, writer, and viewers who believed in me.”

Well, that’s an interesting way to talk about a rape case.

Bring back more attention to the fact that your client had drinks with a woman, was caught on video with a friend having to carry her back to his place, and then admitted having supposedly somehow consensual sex with her. Could’ve let the sleeping dog lie since he did sorta get away with it because the whole thing was settled (with money (allegedly (but really))), but now people will definitely think to remember the whole deal and how your client said he’d clarify everything and tell the truth over and over but then never said a goddamn thing.

But I guess this way is better than suing people who didn’t forget about said rape case.



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