[Update] Report on Wheein’s amusing drunken rant called into question by other report

MAMAMOO‘s Wheein apologized recently for a mistake in word choice and talking about alcohol on V Live, and it was reported by Dispatch that the apology had to do with an amusingly profane drunken rant of hers.

A recent report by Munhwa News runs in conflict to Dispatch, claiming that the aforementioned profane rant didn’t happen.

So basically this claims that it was all a misunderstanding and the apology was the catalyst for this blowing up.

Then again, there’s an Asian Junkie commenter who was following along at the time, remembering that some swearing was done.

Given that apparently nobody has any evidence since everything has been deleted, accounts like these are basically all we have to go on, and the report refuting the other report is just what the reporter remembers as well.

Honestly though, this shouldn’t be a big deal. And quite frankly, Wheein getting shitfaced and ranting to fans about weird shit is a great thing, so I’m running with that. If her stans think it’s a horrible, moral affront or something, then seek help, but also feel free to believe unnir did nothing wrong. Doesn’t matter to me.

“Pumpkin pancakes are fuckin’ delicious.”

This is canon, losers.


Okay, so apparently both of the reports were true in a way. The discrepancy between the Dispatch report and the Munhwa News report is due to one being from a paid subscriber V Live chat and one being from a free V Live broadcast.


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