Uji & Dahye out of BESTie & YNB, most surprising thing is Haeryung still being in

Uji and Dahye are now former members of BESTie, as they have terminated their contracts with YNB Entertainment.

On September 5, YNB Entertainment revealed that Uji and Dahye terminated their contracts with the agency after much discussion. The two members had time left on their contracts, but the agency decided to respect their opinions for their futures. The remaining members Hyeyeon and Haeryung will be focusing on individual activities for now. The agency added that although nothing is confirmed, they are considering various options to reorganize the group including the possibility of adding members.

The official story is that the company let them go, but who knows? Maybe they paid a fee or something.

Either way, by far the most surprising thing is that Hyeyeon and Haeryung are both still members of the group officially, especially the latter, who most thought left the group for acting.


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