Artsy Fartsy: Grace got Georgia O’Keeffe shivering with her recent artwork

Grace has painted a vagina peach, aren’t we lucky? As someone who did two-thirds of their degree in Critical & Curatorial Practices, I’m just glad can finally use this skill thanks to ‘Grace And The Giant Vagina Peach’.

Why is this peach a vagina? Why is she sitting behind the painting?

Sure sure, it’s awesome, and it’s great to be proud of the work and all. However, there’s a reason why paintings are photographed on white walls. Due to how sandy the carpet is, we’re only gonna see the browns in the painting, browns used in the shading, and browns in the blues — which I know it shouldn’t be there.

Additionally, the suggestiveness of sitting behind it in that fashion is rather unneeded. Apart from the piece itself already being obvious enough, art is meant to question, because it is a question. Thus, in its current state, it’s quite a bit of overkill.

May I suggest Georgia O’Keefe as a great example for subtle vaginas?

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