Purplow’s ZSUN’s “AH YAH SO NICE” MV features WASSUP’s Nari + choreo video

Purplow dance crew member ZSUN has made her debut with “AH YAH SO NICE“, which features WASSUP member Nari.

“AH YAH SO NICE” is actually quite nice for the debut of a dancer/choreographer. It also comes at a perfect time in terms of trend, since the reliance on the instrumental is in vogue and basically serves as a dance break for her, occupying space where otherwise a hook would have to be.

Regardless, I mean, the music video was definitely something, that’s for sure.

Yeah, buddy.

ZSUN also dropped a choreography version of “AH YAH SO NICE”, which gives you an idea of what KARD‘s choreography is meant to look like without the idol requirement of space for Jesus between members (she’s KARD’s choreographer).


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