G.NA returns 19 months after prostitution scandal, for which her story may have been legit

About 19 months ago, G.NA admitted to charges of prostitution in the sponsor scandal, and hadn’t been heard from since. Just recently, however, she made her return on Instagram, leaving a message for her fans.


When she explained her side of the story back then, I scoffed at it, which I thought was very reasonable given that she’d have to incredibly naive and/or dumb to be fooled in the way she explains and given that she actually copped to the crime. Since then, however, I’ve been told by multiple people that the situation did actually go down the way she described, so I’ve changed my view of it a bit.

That’s not to say G.NA committed some egregious crime or anything even if the situation was that she blatantly prostituted herself, but just something to think about regarding the scandal. Quite frankly, I’m just glad she’s okay cause god knows it had to have been rough since I know most did not feel as whatever about it as I did.


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