‘Memory KARD’ documents KCON days, has Somin beating J.Seph, skydiving, meeting idols

Memory KARD‘ is basically a continuation of KARD‘s promotions for LG, but I’m not complaining. Get money.

Anyway, this basically recaps their experience coming to Los Angeles for KCON.

Episode 1

This covers KARD flying into Los Angeles and settling into their hotel, including meeting Jackson.

Most importantly, Somin pops J.Seph fucking good.

Episode 2

KARD rehearsing and then performing for KCON dominates these videos, including J.Seph meeting Oh My Girl and Somin meeting Kim Tae Woo.

Episode 3

After all is said and done with KCON, they have a day off in Los Angeles, which they use to implement Jiwoo‘s desire to go skydiving…

…well, three of them do.

Somin is me. Fuck heights and fuck jumping out of a perfectly good plane.


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