BTS change directions on rather generic “DNA”, which is torpedoed by nondescript hook

BTS have just made their comeback with their ‘Love Yourself: Her‘ album, which is supposed to represent a change in direction for the group. “DNA“, the title track for the album, is certainly more happy-go-lucky than their usual fare, though that didn’t necessarily result in a better end result.

The combination of the whistle effect and acoustic guitar teased and set the stage perfectly for “DNA”. Things got even better when it started with a strong verse, and things just continue to build and build, but the drop itself is rather disappointingly nondescript. Basically all the elements are there for a promising release but the letdown on the hook really kills it since all the anticipation the song builds to feels like it’s for naught.

Ultimately, “DNA” was a bit generic from BTS, as a lot of it felt perfunctory and like filler for the album more than a title effort. If this didn’t have the name of BTS attached to it, I doubt it would invoke all that much of a response, which would be fine given the rather lazy nature of “DNA”.



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