DR Music issues statement acting like they never said Alex left BP Rania … I am confused

About a month ago, DR Music themselves said Alex is out of BP Rania, and then Alex herself talked about her departure from Rania days later.

So you’ll have to forgive my surprise that DR Music released a statement yesterday acting like Alex is still a part of BP Rania.

In a recent statement on the 17th, DR Music said, “Alexandra’s arrival from USA was delayed, so she couldn’t practice the choreography with the other members before their ‘Breathe Heavy’ comeback and she will not be able to stand on stage. This new song will be promoted not as 6 members but as 5 members. The new song still has Alexandra’s rap parts. She needed at least 2 weeks to match the choreography with the other members, but she had a schedule and arrived late and couldn’t learn the new choreography in time for the broadcast stages. She’ll be together with BP RaNia during the busking stages, but not on the music stages.”

The most striking thing about this is that DR Music don’t even address their previous statement announcing her departure in which they said, and I quote, “Alexandra is no longer a member of BP Rania.”

What the fuck is going on?

Are they trolling or is somebody else trolling?


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