Eddy Kim busts out the Bobby Caldwell blue-eyed soul with “Heart Pound”

I’ve been putting off reviewing Eddy Kim‘s “Heart Pound” for a while now, but I finally found the time to talk about it. And I found it to be worth talking about, as it was a quality throwback type of sound.

For a while I couldn’t quite place where I had heard this sound before, and I bounced between Hall & Oates, Lionel Richie (even in the music video), and Stevie Wonder. Turns out what I was looking for was actually Bobby Caldwell‘s “What You Won’t Do For Love“.

While “Heart Pound” lacks the vocal runs for the most part, the Korean take on blue-eyed soul works quite well, creating a sultry yet groovy track that’s has excellent replayability. There was a reason I still had familiarity with that instrumental years since I last heard it, because it’s a sound that sticks with you for a while.


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