LOONA Odd Eye Circle has an odd name, but “Girl Front” ends up delivering

So you thought that NCT had a complicated group configuration? Well, LOONA might just have them beat. The girls have not even debuted as a full group yet, but we already have two sub-units and a host of individual releases. And while the first unit went by the name of LOONA 1/3, ‘LOONA 2/3’ was just too easy and predictable for this new trio. So of course, they go by LOONA Odd Eye Circle, because that just rolls off the tongue, right?

This might sound like sarcastic criticism, but I actually enjoy how complex and obtuse much of the LOONA project has been so far. Odd Eye is comprised of members JinSoul, Kim Lip, and Choerry, and presents a more attitude-infused burst of quirky pop than their counterparts in 1/3. The bouncy “Girl Front” takes the just-outside-of-mainstream electronic elements that have become synonymous with LOONA and tethers them to an upbeat pop hook that recalls more populist material by groups like Red Velvet. The end result successfully blends the three girls’ styles to create a strong encapsulation of what might eventually become LOONA’s trademark sound.

The instrumental rides on a constant swirl of clipped synth riffs, giving the production a sense of fizzy nostalgia. Drum fills and warped vocal hooks blitz the brief post-chorus breakdown, injecting a thrilling spontaneity that keeps the song structure interesting. It helps that the chorus actually feels like a proper centerpiece, especially during its final, beefed up repetition. The girls’ tones are well-matched, and each performance brings a welcome dose of attitude and charisma. If anything, I wish the track pushed itself even further. It has the potential to be another Red Flavor, but never quite builds up to those kind of aural fireworks.


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