Park Bo Gum under fire after tweet promoting his religion that’s allegedly a cult

Park Bo Gum has come under fire once again after issuing a tweet recently that promoted his religion.

In itself that sounds ridiculous, but what has netizens upset is that his religion is allegedly a cult.

1. [+5,114, -146] Ah… this is not shiedable….
2. [+4,822, -132] Park Bogum’s actually a part of a really famous cult pseudo-religion
3. [+4,609, -148] He’s not Christian but a part of a pseudo-religion… there’s some problems with this

1. [+550, -39] I don’t think it’s right for him to promote a cult religion on SNS like that. That’s actually really thoughtless… I saw kids tweeting about how they were going to go, ridiculous
2. [+502, -31] He must be really stubborn since he still hasn’t deleted the tweet…
3. [+403, -36] Cult

Netizen comments, of course, don’t mean anything by themselves, but after even a cursory look into his church it’s hard to disagree.

The actor’s church, ‘Jesus Centered Church,’ which Park Bo Gum himself testified he has been attending since his birth, has officially been named ‘cult’ by almost all Christian organizations in Korea due to its problems, including encouraging people with serious medical conditions to use exorcism for cures and abandon medical treatment altogether. They often perform exorcisms during services. Bo Gum himself explained in one interview that when he was little, he became gravely ill, only to be cured by the church. In the same interview that talks about his miraculous healing, he also shares that the pastor of his church, Lee Choi Suk, named him Bo Gum, meaning “treasure sword.” Perhaps most disturbingly, ‘Jesus Centered Church’ was involved in the mysterious death of a woman back in 2000 who was found dead with several broken bones and bruises at the conference led by the church’s pastor, Lee Choi Suk; she allegedly attended the service to be cured of her illness. This case was never resolved.

At best, it’s sketchy as hell.

Compounding the issue is that Park Bo Gum said in a recent News1 interview that he would prefer if his ideal type came from his religion.

“I’d like a nice, virtuous person. I like someone who makes me happy.” As for religious views, he said, “I’d like it if we had a similar religion and similar values.”

I’m hoping that’s not an attempt to recruit impressionable fans into his religion, thinking then they’ll have a chance with him.

Of course, Park Bo Gum’s religion causing controversy has happened before, and at that time he has insisted it’s just a normal religion.

“It’s just a normal church. It’s not a cult or anything. If it were, I would have left the group.”

Then again, that’s what a cult member would say, so it doesn’t mean much.

Last time this was a thing, it only lasted for a bit before everybody loved him again, and I’m guessing the same happens this time.


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