[Video Interview] Kidoh talks Stardom & Topp Dogg exit, his new music, loving LA

When I heard Kidoh was spending quality time in Los Angeles, I threw caution to the wind and reached out to him to find out all the dirt on what he was doing in town other than eating all of our good food. On August 5, he had a fanmeet at Music Plaza, a local music store in Koreatown. Fans received an extremely short notice and yet still turned out en mass with over 300 attendees, eager to meet Kidoh.

As usual, when I received a ‘YES’ to my invitation request to have a little chat about anything and everything with Kidoh, I jumped for joy!

As we all know, in 2015 Kidoh left Topp Dogg and hasn’t really spoken about it since. He has since released music here and there, but having various label issues held up the release of his latest EP. Still, he’s held his position as a member of the famed hip-hop crew Rock Bottom Crew and was determined to release music. When all was said and done, ‘S.O.H.K‘, the EP he fought for, was finally released on SoundCloud, just a few weeks ago.

So he’s just getting started on his solo ventures, and Kidoh’s been working hard during his time here in Los Angeles, experimenting with new sounds and finding new inspiration in the art around him. In the interview, he talks about his new EP, which will also be all visuals, as well hinting at the Rock Bottom Crew compilation album, and asks fans to please anticipate his comeback. Throughout our time, he had such a down-to-earth, chill personality that we found ourselves laughing quite a bit.

Kidoh gave Asian Junkie free reign to ask any question we wanted, so we did get to find out what happened with him and Topp Dogg, as well as a bunch of other stuff.

I want to thank Kidoh and his manager for allowing us to show you a fresh side of him as he grows in his career. His management is currently working on setting up a show in Los Angeles before the end of the year. So be sure to keep your eye out for updates!

You can find Kidoh on the following social media: Instagram – @kidohgangdol, Twitter – @Kidoh92, SoundCloud – KIDOH.


Special thanks to @Ceceemagery for being my videographer.

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