Fantagio says booze from Yoojung, Somi, Sohye pics were from adults or whatever

Korean and international netizens pretended to be mad yesterday when Yoojung, Somi, and Sohye were caught with alcohol in the background of their pictures together. However, Fantagio released a statement saying that the pics are from Yoojung’s house and the booze belonged to the adults.

Weki Meki’s agency Fantagio stated on October 8, “Upon checking, the said photo’s background is Choi Yoojung’s house and her parents and relatives were with them for Chuseok. The adults had been drinking from the alcohol bottles in question and the three underage girls have nothing to do with this drinking controversy.”

Well, I’m sure that’s possible, but even if it’s not … I mean, whatever.

In the aftermath of this, easily my favorite thing is the concern trolling from international netizens lecturing other international netizens on respecting Korean culture and claiming Korean teens don’t drink like other places and shit such as that. Like … these motherfuckers really think Koreans don’t find out about booze and fucking until they’re 30.


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