YMC says staff linked to WANNA ONE leak to sasaeng just has same name so leave her alone

The mess with WANNA ONE is almost eternally entertaining, and that continues with the latest mess, which is a WANNA ONE sasaeng allegedly being tipped off on WANNA ONE schedules from a YMC Entertainment staff member. It became an issue after alleged KakaoTalk chats between the two were made public.

@ppforwoojin1102: Unni unni does Woojin know my name?
Kim Eun Joo: Yeah I asked him ‘Do you know pp nuna?’ and he said ‘Yeah I know’~~
@ppforwoojin1102: ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ
Kim Eun Joo: Wow~~

@ppforwoojin1102: Unni, do u buy coffee fansign? 10/22? 10/21
Kim Eun Joo: 10/21 Cold Blue fan sign ~ ^^ I bought coffee to be entered in the raffle.. Did you enter?
@ppforwoojin1102: Yes. Unni how many coffee u buy?
Kim Eun Joo: ㅋㅋㅋ I entered [censored] I bought [censored] coffeeㅜㅜ How many did you buy?

Obviously other WANNA ONE stans were upset and demanded a response from YMC.

On October 5, Wannables [official fan club name of Wanna One] began trending the hashtag “#워너원_사생피피_블랙리스트_추가해” [Blacklist Wanna One Sasaeng PP] on Twitter.

YMC gave that response later, explaining that the alleged WANNA ONE staff is not actually with WANNA ONE and just has the same name as somebody within the company.

YMC Entertainment addressed the issue on October 6 and said, “We would like to address the current controversy that is being mentioned on social media and community sites. Not only does the involved party in the screenshot of the mobile messenger application have no relation with any of our company employees, but there are no official Wanna one fan staff members with the name shown in the screenshot either. We want it to be known that our company does not personally contact any fans of Wanna One.” They continued to add that they would take the necessary legal action against those who continue to send malicious comments to a staff member of YMC because they have the same name as the person in the screenshot. Finally, YMC concluded by stating, “We have been taking strong action against sasaeng fans and those who do not maintain fan club etiquette. We will continue to do our best to protect our artists in the future.”

Even the sasaeng in question followed up by saying that her friend just has the same name as the YMC employee.

“The person known as the YMC staff member Kim Eun Joo is not my friend. I never asked YMC staff to ask Woojin if he knew me. My friend’s name is also Eun Joo. My friend was really excited about the fan signing event so I asked her to ask him if he knew me. It’s a misunderstanding that arose due to the fact that their names are the same. Please do not diss me about something that hasn’t been confirmed.”

Some fans remained skeptical though, apparently misreading YMC’s statement, questioning why YMC would sue people talking about Kim Eun Joo if they had no Kim Eun Joo working for them. But what they actually said was that Kim Eun Joo does work for them but is not the same Kim Eun Joo that’s friends with the sasaeng, nor does she work on WANNA ONE’s staff.

How much mess can a fandom of a temporary group create? Sheesh.


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