Lee Soomin, superstar leader of CIVA, joins ‘The Unit’, LONG LIVE GOD OF MUSIC

While I was busy over the weekend, I missed what was actually the biggest news: Lee Soomin of ‘God Of Music‘ and CIVA is now on ‘The Unit‘.


It’s over.

A contestant that has already had a legendary CF with Lee Sang Min, was a part of the critically-acclaimed ‘God Of Music’ show that was watched by billions and spawned superstars in CIVA, and that successfully ended IOI? Shit.

A legend who murdered CL, Jimin, and Yezi performing their own shit?

A vocalist with talent that surpasses all others?

A true pro who doesn’t need lipsync even when doing complicated dances?

A pure unnir who respects her seniors?

An honest woman?

A queen who stands up to bullies?

A real idol who’s not afraid to be honest with her emotions?

This is unfair.


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