DIA drag themselves on ‘Saturday Night Live Korea’, make baseball reference (legends!)

DIA were recent hosts for ‘Saturday Night Live Korea‘, and thankfully they followed in the footsteps of T-ara and did their version of the skit that has the hosts being self-aware, with theirs revolving around their status in the industry.

It’s funny cause I swear I’ve seen that exact comment about their charms over and over.

Eunice – “It’s already our second year since debut, can’t we get popular?”
Chaeyeon – “Did you know what pops up first on the search engine? ‘DIA CARAT PRICE, MARRIED GIFT’. Even ‘DIE HARD’ and that’s it.”
Eunice – “But at least you’re popular.”
Chaeyeon – “Well it’s useless when people only know me as ‘IOI Chaeyeon’.”
Eunjin – “Do we really have no charms?”
Cathy – “Why don’t we confirm it?”
Others – “How?”
*Ouija Board Stuff Starts*
DIA – “Does DIA really have no charms whatsoever?”
Ghost – ‘X’ (NO)
DIA – “Oh, it said no! That’s a relief!”
DIA – “So … will our album be a success?”
Ghost – ‘X’ (NO)
DIA – “We have charms, so what we should do then?”

Of course, they did other skits as well, including Cathy playing like my ideal type…

…and Jooeun playing a girlfriend who won’t stop talking.

Most importantly, there’s a Park Chan Ho reference in there for baseball.

That alone makes this all a rousing success.


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