Kangnam apologizes to Sam Okyere & Kyungri, says it was all just jokes bro

Apparently realizing his fading career was on the line, Kangnam apologized to Sam Okyere and Kyungri, basically for being an asshole to them.

In his apology, Kangnam wrote, “In trying to be funny on TV, I was too greedy and said things I shouldn’t have. I have realized that I caused disappointment and discomfort to many people through my careless words and ignorance and apologized right away to Kyungri and Sam.” He continued, “I am still awkward at writing Korean and thought about what to do in case my sincerity did not come through in a message and disappoint people even further, but with the help of an agency staff member, I am writing what I have to say. I want to express my sincerest apologies to Kyungri and Sam once again and I apologize to and am grateful for the viewers who have took me to task for what I have done wrong and taught me better.” He concluded, “I should have taken responsibility as a broadcaster and shown a discreet side of myself, but I was unable to and I am ashamed and regretful. I will reflect and learn so that I do not make these kind of mistakes again and act and think more carefully. Once again, I am sincerely sorry to everyone who felt uncomfortable through my carelessness.”

So he basically gave a shitty “sorry if you were offended” apology and stated what most people already assumed to be true about his intentions. Reasonable people knew Kangnam was trying to make jokes, people were just calling him out over the fact that he acted like a fuckhead to both of them.

Like the topics of the “jokes” were basically mock amazement that Ghana was civilized and threatening to beat a woman. Probably not the best idea.


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