Man calling in multiple bomb threats against A Pink gets INTERPOL Red Notice

As the man who has continually called in threats against A Pink resurfaced this month, questions were understandably asked about what exactly authorities were even doing to apprehend him. Well, in a recent interview A Pink’s lawyer told News1 that it’s taking a while because the case is international as the man resides in Canada.

Lawyer Kim Bong Woo, who represents Apink, sat down with news1 in an exclusive interview and stated, “The reason why it has taken so long to prosecute the terror suspect is because he currently resides in Canada. The Korean police is currently continuing their investigation into the suspect.”

Though likely the most noteworthy thing about this is that INTERPOL has released a Red Notice on the man.

He also added, “The members of Apink previously filed a suit against malicious comments, and we believe that the suspect is involved in that lawsuit as well. INTERPOL has released a Red Notice on the suspect, and the Korean police has sent a request to Canadian law enforcement for their cooperation.”

While a Red Notice is not an international arrest warrant, it’s close.

An Interpol Red Notice is the closest instrument to an international arrest warrant in use today. Interpol (the International Criminal Police Organization) circulates notices to member countries listing persons who are wanted for extradition. The names of persons listed in the notices are placed on lookout lists (e.g., NCIC or its foreign counterpart). When a person whose name is listed comes to the attention of the police abroad, the country that sought the listing is notified through Interpol and can request either his provisional arrest (if there is urgency) or can file a formal request for extradition.

Well, at least there’s news of authorities moving forward or getting serious about this, because it’s honestly ridiculous to have to deal with terror threats day in and day out.

Also, shout out once again to netizens who continue to speculate that this is noise marketing (for what, who knows?!), as I’m sure Korean and Canadian authorities, as well as Interpol, just went along with that.


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