A Pink get 3 more bomb threats in the span of 4 days from same person as before

Back in June, A Pink received a death threat from a fan that was supposedly mad that they went on fake dates. Later that month, A Pink’s showcase had a bomb threat called in by the same person, who then also called in a bomb threat to ‘Music Bank. Apparently that wasn’t enough attention, so in July the person moved on to threatening the Korean President. Thankfully things seemed to have died down after that, and I figured it was dealt with quietly after the threat to a Korean politician.

Recently, however, the person has re-emerged and on October 19 an event attended by member Naeun was threatened with a bomb.

On October 19, Dongguk University received a bomb threat prior to an event that was supposed to be attended by celebrities like Son Naeun, Lee Kyung Kyu, Chae Jung An, and more. The event held on this day was a ceremony for honorary ambassador appointment and donation agreement signing by celebrity alumni. After receiving a report that explosives had been placed at Dongguk University, police were dispatched to the scene immediately. A source from Son Naeun’s side commented, “The police returned to their stations after completing an on-site investigation. Thankfully, nothing happened.” A source from Dongguk University added, “We were going to start the event at 2 p.m., but the police asked us to delay the event until they were done investigating. After confirming that there were no [bombs], we began the event at 2:20 p.m.”

The next day, on October 20, an event that member Chorong was attending suffered a bomb threat as well.

On October 20, Park Chorong was scheduled to attend the Bucheon International Animation Festival as an honorary ambassador, when someone claiming to be a “fan” called in to say that he had placed some explosives inside the building. He threatened that the bombs would be going off at 6 p.m. KST. Police were dispatched to the scene immediately. According to a source, Park Chorong has arrived at the location and is currently waiting for further instructions. Nothing has happened yet.

Most recently, on October 22, another bomb threat was called in for A Pink’s attendance at the 2017 Busan One Asia Festival.

On October 22 at 4:40 p.m. KST, a call was made by someone who claimed to have installed explosives inside the Busan Asiad Main Stadium, prompting police to be called on site to search for any dangerous materials. The man is said to have called from a private international number and said, “There will be a concert at the Asiad Main Stadium today, and I installed explosives under the stage and in various other places. I’m calling because I regret my actions.” A bomb disposal unit and special forces were dispatched to search the area, but nothing out of the ordinary was found. The police were on alert throughout the night but fortunately, nothing happened during the concert.

All of this is about as ridiculous as it sounds.


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