PLAYBACK are free with “Want You To Say” MV teaser + excellent “Untold Story” pre-release

After 500 years in the Coridel Entertainment dungeon waiting for Tyler Kwon to realize he has other artists besides Jessica, Playback is back with teasers for their upcoming comeback with “Want You To Say“.

Hayoung is waifu.


Oh yeah, they also released “Untold Story” a while ago as their pre-release, and it definitely deserves attention.

I feel like if I currently had more time this would deserve an actual review because for a pre-release it’s excellent. In fact, I would say it has a pretty good chance of being better than their actual comeback song.

“Untold Story” has this chill and relaxed atmosphere, but behind the facade it carries a lot of attitude and has enough interesting things going on with the instrumental and vocals that it demands your attention throughout. Doesn’t hurt that the hook is catchy as well.


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