Siwon’s family fined ~$40, pic of dog bite revealed, dog bit victim last year as well

The mess with Siwon, his family, and their dog continues, as they’ve been fined a whopping ~$40 for having an unleashed dog.

The Gangnam District Office submitted the notice for the 50,000 won (approximately $44) fee on October 24. A source from the Gangnam District Office said, “An application to protest the fine was sent along with the notice but we have not received a statement of protest yet.” The reason for the fine is due to failure to use a leash on their dog outdoors.

Forget the whole biting everybody all the time and killing a woman, apparently.

Meanwhile, things continue to look worse for Siwon, as it was recently revealed that his dog bit the deceased Hanilkwan CEO last year as well. So amazingly it’s reportedly not only not the first time the dog has bitten people but it’s also not even the first time the dog his bitten this specific person. Yeesh.

Oh yeah, and the victim’s family released a picture of the dog bite and it’s quite nasty.

Mainly just feel terrible for the victim’s family to have this happen.


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