Playback’s “Want You To Say” tweaks an overused formula for a quality re-debut of sorts

After a thousand years, Playback has been allowed to leave Coridel Entertainment‘s dungeon after their promising start way back in 2015. Their comeback track is “Want You To Say“, and while it’s trendy with its moombahton influences, it deviates from the trend in productive ways.

While many tire of this type of sound, I haven’t because I see it as less a trend to me and more a sound heavily influenced by music I grew up enjoying anyway. Granted, the tropical sound can definitely fall into generic, uninteresting tropes, but “Want You To Say” provides enough variety to impress.

The instrumental has a summery groove to it that plays well, with a pleasant but standard combo of synths and percussion. The initial verse is standard fare, but things separate once the chorus hits. Rather than fallback on just an instrumental drop, it comes with an actual hook and has a melodic elements that work well. The verse that follows was a nice surprise as well, with member Woolim starting a verse that’s a bit off-kilter and drops into a quasi-rap as well, which helps prevent the track from becoming completely repetitive.

While it would be silly to pretend this is particularly original or even inspired track, “Want You To Say” does enough to differentiate itself from others riding the same trend, and Playback are interesting enough to deliver a performance that showcases their potential well. A quality effort for what essentially serves as a re-debut at this point, and hopefully it’s not another two years until they get another release.


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Thot Leader™