CupcakKe tragically driven off Twitter (kinda) cause she wants to fuck BTS’s Jungkook

Legendary rapper CupcakKe is known for, well, things like her Halloween costume of dicks. However, she’s also been relevant to K-pop due to stans creating amazing remixes of their fave’s songs using CupcakKe’s rapping.

Unfortunately, she recently got involved in a bit of a K-pop related mess on Twitter after she thirsted after Jungkook, as that went over with BTS‘s fandom about as well as one would expect.

It all seemed to start with this exchange.

Then it just snowballed.

Truly amazing.

BTS stans reacted … predictably.


When it was mentioned that there’s nothing wrong with tweeting sexual stuff about idols into the Twitter void and that BTS stans commonly tweet sexual things about the boys all the time themselves, it was claimed the problem was she’s verified and mentioned them. But the actual mentions that BTS could hypothetically see were mild.


Thankfully, she’ll probably be back. But seriously, ease off on the death threats and racism and what not over dumb shit like this, my god. K-pop stans constantly show their ass.


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