LOONA Odd Eye Circle trio showcase their polish with sleek hit, “Sweet Crazy Love”

As a sub-unit, the Odd Eye Circle trio have delivered the LOONA project’s most interesting music to date — so much so that I almost wish these three would promote together on a permanent basis. LOONA itself has had such a lengthy roll out, and it remains to be seen whether all the build-up will be worth it in the end. But these girls? These girls are ready, complete with their delightfully off-kilter image and ultra-cool sound.

Sweet Crazy Love” follows up on the boisterous “Girl Front by taking things down a notch for a more atmospheric blend of old school r&b and spacey electronica. The synth-heavy instrumental paints a lush, fizzy backdrop punctuated by a constant riff of symphonic keys. It’s the kind of soundscape you just want to dive into. Nothing sticks out as uniquely ear-catching, but every element builds on the next, creating an ethereal texture that threatens to dissolve at every turn. This sense of the incorporeal lends “Sweet Crazy Love” an almost mystical quality, further highlighted by the girls’ evocative style.

The song’s melody is similarly pitched, relying on a subdued ebb and flow rather than overly bombastic hooks. The trio’s breezy delivery is perfectly matched to this structure, and when their voices are layered for the sweeping chorus the results are quite impressive. The track’s adherence to this well-established mood is admirable, even if it does limit some of its punch. The song could have done with one knockout rap verse or climactic instrumental moment to bring it over the edge. But even without that jaw-dropping centerpiece, “Sweet Crazy Love” is a striking piece of sleek K-pop.


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