Han Seo Hee says she can’t support trans people cause of women’s rights or some shit

Han Seo Hee took to Instagram today to give her thoughts on trans people and it was … not great. She basically states that she can’t support trans people because she doesn’t see trans women as women and thinks trans women are bad for women’s rights (1/2/3).

Han Seo Hee’s response to criticism for her take basically sums up her position.

So basically she’s just transphobic while barely hiding it behind the veneer of women’s rights. It’s kind of ironic because to reach the conclusion she did, she assumes trans women are monolith and transition because they want to be feminine. The comparisons she goes on to make are just bizarre since she leads by saying she supports sexual minorities and the obvious comparison for how trans people feel would be relating them to other sexual minorities.

Anyway, so she’s definitely living up to the Queen Of Mess title, I guess. Though this is not exactly the entertaining way, unfortunately.


Also, because I’m petty, remember when people were up my ass about saying that Han Seo Hee and her fame is probably not going to be helpful to feminism in Korea? Man, who could’ve predicted that the homophobic, transphobic, and racist Korean radfem communities she’s quite clearly inspired by would end up with her having fucked up views on shit? Huh.


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