TWICE confirmed to appear on ‘Kohaku Uta Gassen’, first for K-pop since 2011

NHK has confirmed that TWICE will appear on the 68th edition of ‘Kohaku Uta Gassen‘. The producer of the show explained the selection of TWICE, saying, “They debuted in Japan this year, and ‘TT’ pose became a hot topic among young people. Their first album and first single both charted #1. The impact they made this year was remarkable.

The appearance is significant not just for TWICE and their careers, but K-pop in Japan as a whole. It marks the first appearance by a K-pop group on the year-end festival since 2011, when KARA, SNSD, and TVXQ were all featured before the Hallyu Wave started to deteriorate in Japan.

Aside from the aforementioned groups, the previous Korean acts to appear on ‘Kohaku’ are Cho Yong Pil (1987-88, 1990), Lee Jung Hyun (2004), Lim Hyung Joo (2005), and BoA (2003-08).


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