Nell & GroovyRoom help you get through just one of those days on “Today”

Nell teamed up with GroovyRoom recently on “Today“, which on its face is just easy listening but builds into something more.

“Today … I just feel this way.”

I admittedly rarely talk about songwriting, but I’ve always found Nell’s worth paying attention to as they’ve always come across as genuine, and I think they hit the nail on the head here. “Today” starts relatively relaxing in nature but builds and builds until it explodes, like somebody unsure of how they’re feeling and then by the end they’re just accepting the reality that it’ll be better … but for today they just want to live in their world of shit. Relatable.

It’s not a complicated sound, but one that does its simplicity extremely well. It creates an atmosphere that meshes well with what’s trying to be conveyed lyrically, and by the end of all the build, it ends up being something with quite a bit of replayability.


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Thot Leader™