Sulli unsurprisingly re-signed by SME because money is more important than netizen salt

Around the time I was stuffing my face for Thanksgiving, it was announced that Sulli had renewed her contract with SM Entertainment.

Reports emerged on November 24 that the contract renewal had taken place on the basis of the working relationship the actress has had with the agency for the past 8 years. When asked for a confirmation, SM Entertainment stated that they had indeed renewed their contract with Sulli.

This is rather hilarious to me given how Korean and international netizens speculated that SME was absolutely done with her and couldn’t wait to cut bait.


Schadenfreude rooting interest aside, it always made perfect sense why they’d want to retain her. Unlike idol oppars and unnirs, Sulli doesn’t cost millions of dollars for a comeback, and actually doesn’t require much investment at all. Meanwhile, she continues to rack up endorsement contracts and the occasional acting gig, plus she practically markets herself through social media and is ironically kept constantly relevant due to every single thing she does becoming a news item.

If nothing else, I trust SME to follow the money, and Sulli has minimal downside and significant potential as an asset, so why wouldn’t they just keep her around?


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