‘The Unit’ rankings risers (Lee Bo Lim/Jeup) & fallers (Serri/Jin) + female mission thoughts

On the most recent episode of ‘The Unit‘, the contestants split into seven groups of nine, with their mission being to perform a cover of a popular song. The winning team would receive immunity from the first round of elimination and would have the opportunity to perform with Rain during his comeback special.

As you could probably tell from the title, the female groups were the ones who performed during the episode.


Black Team (NC.A, Brave Girls’ Eunji, Melody Day’s Chahee, Han Seo In, Shin Ji Hoon, Lee Ju Hyun, Lee Hyun Joo, SIS’s Gaeul, GOOD DAY’s Genie) – G-Friend – “Rough” – First Place: NC.A – Last Place: GOOD DAY’s Genie – My Pick: NC.A

Blue Team (Euna Kim, WASSUP’s Nari, Dal Shabet’s Serri, SONAMOO’s Euijin, HUB’s Hyosun, Mint, GOOD DAY’s Viva, Matilda’s Saebyeol, Baby Boo’s Dabin) – 4Minute – “Crazy” – First Place: HUB’s Hyosung – Last Place: Matilda’s Saebyeol – My Pick: Mint

Yellow Team (DIA’s Somyi, Park Ji Won, Melody Day’s Yoomin, Yoonjo, ACEMAX-RED’s Lena, SET’s Tae, S2’s Yujeong, G-reyish’s Yena, LipBubble’s Eunbyeol) – AOA – “Heart Attack” – First Place: Yoonjo – Last Place – LipBubble’s Eunbyeol – My Pick: ACEMAX-RED’s Lena

Orange Team (DIA’s Yebin, Brave Girls’ Yujeong, GOOD DAY’s Jiwon, I, Lee Suji, Apple.B’s Yuji, SIS’s Sebin, Matilda’s DanA, GOOD DAY’s Lucky) – Red Velvet – “Red Flavor” – First Place: GOOD DAY’s Jiwon – Last Place: GOOD DAY’s Lucky – My Pick: DIA’s Yebin

Green Team (Areum, Jiwon, Miss $’s Kang Minhee, Joo, BESTie’s Hyeyeon, GOOD DAY’s Heejin, Matilda’s Haena, SET’s EunE, WINGS’s Yeseul) – MAMAMOO – “You’re The Best” – First Place: Jiwon – Last Place: WINGS’s Yeseul – My Pick: Matilda’s Haena

White Team (LABOUM’s Haein, Janey, Seol Ha Yoon, Rubber Soul’s Kim, Melody Day’s Yeoeun, Kwon Ha Seo, Matilda’s Semmi, S2’s Chaewon, ACEMAX-RED’s Bomi) – SISTAR – “Give It To Me” – First Place: Melody Day’s Yeoeun – Last Place: ACEMAX-RED’s Bomi – My Pick: Melody Day’s Yeoeun

Red Team (Dal Shabet’s Woohee, LABOUM’s Yujeong, LABOUM’s ZN, GOOD DAY’s Chaesol, Soya, LipBubble’s Hanbi, Lee Bo Lim, SIS’s Ann, Apple.B’s Sandy) – SNSD – “Gee” – First Place: Dal Shabet’s Woohee – Last Place: Apple.B’s Sandy – My Pick: LABOUM’s Yujeong


I added my personal pick for who showed out the most in their group above, but if I had to rank the groups themselves it’d go: “You’re The Best”>”Give It To Me”>”Rough”>”Red Flavor”>”Gee”>”Crazy”>”Heart Attack”. I’d say the first two groups were respectably close to the original, whereas the last group was an utter disaster.


Regardless of how they perform, it’s the rankings that matter in the end. So once again, here are the female and male ranks, this time with their change from last week.



Female – Biggest Increase

1. Lee Bo Lim +19
2. Matilda’s Saebyul +12
3. GOOD DAY’s Genie +10
4. Melody Day’s Yoomin +9
4. ACEMAX-RED’s Lena +9

Female – Biggest Decrease

1. Dal Shabet’s Serri -16
2. Miss $’s Kang Minhee -11
3. Areum -6
3. Soya -6
5. Janey -5
5. GOOD DAY’s Heejin -5

Note: I has withdrawn from the show due to her health.

Male – Biggest Increase

1. IMFACT’s Jeup +18
2. A.Cian’s Jin-O +12
3. IM’s Taeeun +9
4. IMFACT’s Jian +8
5. Boys Republic’s Sungjun +7

Male – Biggest Decrease

1. MVP’s Jin -10
1. Top Secret’s Kyeongha -10
3. Big Star’s Sunghak -8
4. A-JAX’s Joonghee -5
4. MVP’s PK -5
4. MAS’s Kanghyun -5


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