YGE planning to debut new girl group in 2018, meanwhile BLACKPINK have 5 songs

YG Entertainment has plans on launching a new girl group in 2018, according to a report, this despite the fact that BLACKPINK literally have five songs since debuting in mid-2016.

On November 24, a news outlet reported that the agency has officially started producing their next girl group, choosing from approximately 50 trainees. This new group will reportedly have a completely different concept from BLACKPINK. A source from YG Entertainment responded to these reports, saying, “We’re planning to launch a new girl group in 2018. Yang Hyun Suk is keeping it on the down low, so it’s hard to reveal any specific details or concepts right now.”

Guessing this is gonna be the SNSD clone that YG has wanted forever now.

The good news for frustrated fans of BLACKPINK (justifiably, IMO) is that if YGE is announcing they want to do this in 2018, that means it’s gonna take till at least 2022. The bad news is that BLACKPINK will only have eight songs out by then.


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