BTS’s V makes it clear on ‘Ellen’ that stans won’t get his dick + “Mic Drop (Remix)” & “DNA” performances

While being interviewed on ‘Ellen‘, V of BTS made it crystal clear that their stans were not going to be getting any dick from him.

But tell us what you really think, man.


Additionally, BTS’s performance of “Mic Drop (Remix)” on the show is out.

This is what I meant by the song matching the audience as both were hype in this. Excellent.

I never “got” the Steve Aoki hype, but I thought he did a nice job here. The remix is subtle but transformative, creating something more aggressive and making it rather anthemic.

As you’ll note, Desiigner wasn’t a part of the music video despite him being a key part of the remix.



BTS’s performance of “DNA” was just put up.


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