BTS performed at the ‘American Music Awards’, and the fans were hyped as hell

BTS have been busy during their time in Los Angeles, but the main reason they came was to perform at the ‘American Music Awards‘. After a long wait so the show could milk K-pop fans for all the ratings they’re worth, BTS finally got on stage and performed “DNA“.

Yeah, I know we’re supposed to praise everything or we’re an anti, but this is the reason I wanted them to perform something more hype than what I thought was one of their weakest singles in “DNA“. The crowd was going absolutely nuts, and their collective energy overwhelmed the relatively chill “DNA”. Plus, ‘AMA’ lit the stage like absolute trash, the camera was all over the place, and the mics were like cutting in and out or something. It’s not on BTS, who did their thing, it was just unfortunate coincidence, I guess.

A moment, nonetheless.


Apart from that, RM was having a grand old time, giving us meme reactions.

Thank you.


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