‘MIXNINE’ position battle performances (broadcast & fancam) + new rankings … sorta

On the most recent episode of ‘MIXNINE‘, the battles between positions got started. This episode had the least amount of YG and the most amount of the contestants doing shit, so unsurprisingly it was the best one so far.


Vocal Battle

Shining Girls (Shin Ji Yoon, Kim Min Kyung, Yoohyeon, Moon Seung You, Lee Hyang Sook, Kim Soo Yeon, Kim Young Seo, Kang Si Hyun, Lee Seung Mee, Hwang Woo Lim, Jo You Ri) – 2NE1 – “It Hurts”



Koljing (Kim Hyo Jin, Choi Jong Ho, Kim Jun Kyu, Kim Kook Heon, Kim Hong Joong, Kim Jin Hong, Lee Ha Vit, Kim Seung Min) – BTOB – “It’s Okay”


Shining Girls – 2366 | Koljing – 4712

Shining Girls were generally impressive, but I’m not sure the song helped them as nobody stood out much. Koljing did the smart thing by singling out the person singing to start, which focuses the viewer, and the song afforded them room to impress.

As a group, I felt the Shining Girls were better than Koljing despite the latter having more moments than the former. That should matter since it’s a group competition, but obviously it didn’t. The gap between the two groups can only be explained by bias, in my opinion.

Rap Battle

9ood 9irl (Lee Ji Eun, Park Hae Young, Dami, Kim Hyun Jung, Lim Ji Hye, Park Cho Hyeon, Shin Su Hyun) – Cheetah – “My Number”



Chilsung (Choi Hyun Suk, Woo Jin Young, Kim Sang Won, Jin Sung Ho, Shim Jae Young, Lee Byoung Gon, Kim Jae Oh) – Epik High – “Born Hater”


9ood 9irl – 1352 | Chilsung – 3868

9ood 9irl deserved to lose due to the name alone, honestly. Most of them are solid rappers for idols (with a couple clunkers), but only the rapper who went first stood out to me. On the Chilsung team, the rappers with the dark blonde and pinkish hair stood out as the aces, whereas the rest were at least average for idols.

Not sure Chilsung deserved to almost triple up on 9ood 9irl, but they were definitely better both individually and as a team.

Dance Battle

Benefit (JiU, Jung Ha Yoon, Choi Ji Seon, Kim Hee Su, Shin Ryu Jin, Lee Su Hyun, An Han Byul, Park Ga Eun, Bang Ye Sol, Kim Sung Eun, RUI, Lee Yong Chae) – BLACKPINK – “Boombayah”



PSYCHOPASS (Kim Byeong Kwan, Lee Seung Jun, Kim Min Hak, Kim Jun Hoe, Kim Min Seok, Baek Jin, Jung Woo Young, Manny, Han Jong Yeon) – Block B – “Very Good”



Benefit – 4544 | PSYCHOPASS – 4294

Honestly, evaluating dance is probably my least favorite thing. Both groups appeared to do well, however Benefit looked hot as fuck while doing it and PSYCHOPASS are dudes, so Benefit got a deserved win. Sounds fair.


Then comes the issue of the confusing as hell rankings. Last we left off, we still had to find out the Top 11 for males and Top 19 for females in the official rankings. And, uh, they sorta just bypassed that shit and didn’t give us a list? I dunno.

Meanwhile, at least the online vote is coming out in full every week, and so here’s the Top 39 for both male and female contestants.


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